Damage to your TUTORO Auto - How to avoid it.

How to avoid damaging your TUTORO Auto...
To quote Sherlock Holmes..
"when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.."
Even though you cant see why something has happened, the fact that it has means there must be a reason.
A case in point is damage occurring to your TUTORO Auto - a crack has occurred in the reservoir for instance - "it just happened!"
Well, with respect, no it didn't, there will be a reason for it.
Yes of course it can be repaired but we should get to the bottom of why it happened otherwise it will " just happen" again in the future.
We already know the symptoms of numerous types of damage so its a simple matter or applying this to each case - all the scenarios that lead to damage are pointed out in the instructions of course but who reads those, right?

So diagnosing a leak at the base of the clear reservoir - barring chemical attack (which leaves a more obvious crazing of the material) this is caused by
  • either a damaged O ring
  • or a crack in the O ring groove of the clear tube
The O ring is damaged if the clear tube is twisted in its socket - pretty straight forward, and rarely done as there is a warning label and an anti tamper label.
A crack in the O ring groove is caused by the black valve body being squeezed - almost always the swing-arm ( or items attached to the swing-arm such as the chain guard or the hugger) moving up under compression and trapping, however briefly, the black valve body against a frame member.
The black acetyl of the body will flex more than the impact resistant PMMA of the clear tube which results in the tube cracking at its weakest point, the O ring groove.
Such full compression movements are rare and are often caused by travelling over speed humps or by simply taking a pillion rider.
In any event this is the cause of the crack and subsequent leak, it didn't "just happen"
Fortunately the tube can be replaced but we don't want it to happen again so the cure is to re-site the oiler higher or out of the way.
Ride Safe out there!