Shark Fin Nozzle Anchor

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The TUTORO Shark Fin nozzle anchor is the smart, simple way to ensure great single feed nozzle placement, alignment and security!

(not compatible with the twin feed nozzle)


Correct nozzle alignment is a critical element in successfully using an chain oiler and is often overlooked.

Lost in the Slipstream

The most common error is to hang the nozzle over the chain so that it drips onto the chain below it - this works great when the motorcycle is stationary but as soon as you get moving the slipstream will blow the oil everywhere, most of it will miss the chain.

Bridge that gap

On most bikes, the rear sprocket is stepped inboard from the swing arm so it can be difficult to align the nozzle onto the rear sprocket without creating a long section of unsupported hose. This is likely to result in the nozzle wandering around when the bike is in motion or being displaced when the bike is pushed backwards so the oil dispensed by the nozzle will be carried away in the slipstream and your chain will not get the lubrication it requires.

The TUTORO Shark Fin is designed to help bridge that gap and give you the smallest possible amount of unsupported hose.

Fitted as standard?

You may find that your motorcycle is already fitted with a sharks fin toe/chain guard and if so, this is the ideal anchor point for installing the single feed nozzle against the rear sprocket.

Video on how to install the nozzle using a factory fitted Toe Guard

However, if you don’t already have one, we have designed the TUTORO Shark Fin Nozzle Anchor. The device is attached to the underside of the bikes swing arm and provides a rock solid anchor point to secure the very last section of oil delivery hose allowing the single feed nozzle to be angled against the sprocket without a long section of unsupported hose.  This will result in precision oil delivery and a clean, well lubricated chain. Instructions PDF

Video on how to install the nozzle using the TUTORO Shark Fin

What's in the Kit - 

1 x TUTORO Shark Fin Nozzle Anchor

3 x 4.8mm wide  Cable Ties (368mm long)

4 x 2.5mm Cable Ties (203mm long)


The TUTORO Shark Fin Nozzle Anchor is NOT a safety device.  Its use is for securing the TUTORO Single Feed Nozzle in position only.  It is not intended as a replacement for a manufacturers Toe or Chain Guard.