Troubleshooting 2

Understanding the fundamentals..

In short two things need to happen for your chain to get the oil it needs...

  1. The Auto Oiler Unit must be activated.
  2.  The Oil must reach the rear sprocket.

So lets talk about how that happens..

Point 1 - The Auto Oiler Unit must be activated!

The TUTORO Auto is a motion activated device - the energy it needs to function comes from the suspension movements of the motorcycle.

The Auto Oiler MUST be in RIGID contact with the motorcycle frame. If the Oiler unit is slack or loose the oiler will be far less sensitive and performance will drop or cease altogether.

Point 2 - The Oil MUST reach the sprocket.

Three things dictate if oil can get there

  • The Flow control valve
  • The Hose
  • The Nozzle

The Flow Control Valve ranges from Off to full bore opening at 4 turns open - in the winter you may need to have this open to its maximum 4 turns open setting.

The Hose must be clear and unobstructed, no blockages, holes or restrictions caused by tight cable ties for instance.

The Nozzle must be clear and un-obstructed (either from dirt or from the internal wire) and must be held rigidly in place on the sprocket or any oil dispensed will be lost in the slipstream.

Common issues arise from poorly mounted Auto units, crushed hose and blocked nozzles