A journey to the land of the rising sun

A journey to the land of the rising sun

Geoff Keys Amazing Adventure...

Retired? Put your feet up, slippers on and watch daytime TV?
Not for Geoff! He jumped on his 15 Year old Suzuki DR350 and rode overland to Japan via the Gobi Desert. Oh and did I mention - he was on his own!

See the Feature in the May Edition of Sprocket Science!

After some planning and preparation Geoff loaded up his 15 year old Suzuki DR350 and set off overland to Japan via Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia including the Gobo Desert! on his own!.

No camera crew. No backup team. No riding buddy.

Now that's Hardcore!

In our eyes Geoff certainly stands shoulder to shoulder with two of our other adventurers Martin Leonhardt and Andrew Lord (both currently on separate "Lone Star" adventures in South America!)

Of course Geoff did take one little friend with him, a TUTORO Auto which Geoff tells us helped his chain and sprockets last the entire 34000 km journey in some of the most chain unfriendly environments in the world.

Here is his email to us:


Thanks very much for your prompt reply... You may be interested to know that the oiler was fitted to my Suzuki DR350 which has got me to Japan via Europe and Russia. That included some tough terrain in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia (Gobi Desert). The chain and sprockets were new when I left and have now covered over 34,000 kilometres. To be fair, they do need replacing now. So well done for making such a useful and useable product which makes life so much easier.

Geoff Keys Amazing Adventure...
Retired? Put your feet up, slippers on and watch daytime TV?

A Great Adventure Geoff we hope you will be back in touch again soon to give us all some more details. Geoff has provided some photographs which I will upload to Dropbox and can be viewed from this link. Note the copyright on these photos is Geoff's please don't use without his authorisation. .

UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE!! - Geoff has a blog! Read all about this incredible mans adventure here - http://motopangaea.com/ You might also be surprised to now that Geoff is a retiree - how fantastic and inspirational is that! Live life to the full!

If you want to follow in some of Geoff's footsteps you could begin with purchasing A TUTORO Auto - for adventure bikes we recommend using the Auto Standard Edition with single feed nozzle directed to the front sprocket to keep it out of the way - you can buy one here http://www.tutorochainoiler.com/index.php/store-mobile/oiler-auto-standard-detail

Why did Geoff chose a TUTORO? well...TUTORO's are manufactured and hand assembled in our small factory in Gloucestershire. A TUTORO is a precision engineered device which is simple to fit in under an hour, installation requires no specialist tools. It is the only Automatic chain oiler that wont potentially invalidate your warranty or interfere with the bikes electrical or vacuum/induction systems. Unlike any other Automatic oiler on the market the TUTORO Auto is Guaranteed for a full THREE YEARS, is Fully Serviceable and with care will last a lifetime. Fitting a TUTORO Chain oiler will save you time and money both now and for many years to come!