KOVE 450 Rally

2024 Standard model £8500 inc VAT

Now available to pre-order from TUTORO Ltd  in Gloucestershire with full 12 month parts and labour warranty (limited stock available - arrives mid June 2024) All bikes will be pre-built and ready to ride. Delivery available.

The KOVE 450 RALLY is the ultimate Lightweight Adventure Motorcycle!

KOVE has finally found the perfect balance between power and agility thanks to its light weight and its all-terrain factory suspension, which  adapts to the most extreme terrain.

The 450 RALLY is not simply inspired by rallying, it comes from it!
Designed from day one as a rally bike capable of competing with the most expensive factory bikes, the KOVE 450 RALLY is more than up to the task of accompanying you on your next adventure!

Choose between the Pro model version which is fully prepared and equipped for the biggest rallies, or the Standard version which is the most playful adventure on the market !
The Kove 450 Rally is the most adaptable , do anything bike ever made.

  • Long Distance Adventure
  • Green Laning
  • TET
  • Rally

This is the Unicorn, the head turner . Grab one with both hands whilst you can !


    • Rally 450R Red (Regular spec).The Rally standard is available in red/white or blue/green.The price is £8500 inc VAT and all shipping, custom clearance costs. 31 Litre tank.  Full carbon fibre sump shield .
    • Equipped with TFT screen with WIFI , Bluetooth + more
    • Long service intervals-
    • 145kg dry
    • 6 speed DOHC liquid cooled, counterbalanced  single cylinder engine producing 51 horsepower @ 9500rpm
  • Bosch EFI​​
  • Fuel Capacity: 31 litres/8 Gallons
  • Estimated Range: 300+ Miles
  • Max speed 105mph
  • Full carbon fibre engine guard/sump shield with integral tool kit
  • Front Suspension: YU-AN 49mm Upside Fork, Adjustable Compression & Rebound, 12” Travel
  • Rear Suspension: YU-AN Piggy-Back Shock, Adjustable Rebound, High-Speed & Low-Speed Compression, 12” Travel
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty 
  • Length x Width x Height: 2190×805×1390mm
  • Wheelbase: 1490mm
  • Seat Height: 960mm
  • Ground Clearance: 310mm
The KOVE 450 RALLY is the ultimate lightweight ADV bike that you have been dreaming of! KOVE has finally struck the perfect balance; lightweight agility and off-road suspension meet distance-friendly ergonomics and rally-raid styling. The 450 RALLY is not simply rally-inspired; it’s rally-BRED! Designed from day one as a rally motorcycle capable of competing toe-to-toe with the highest dollar factory race bikes, the KOVE 450 RALLY is more than up to the task of carrying you on your next adventure!
The heart of the KOVE 450 RALLY is a 449cc DOHC single that is cooled by large dual radiators with an electric cooling fan each. In addition, an external oil cooler keeps the lifeblood of the engine in cool while providing additional oil capacity for extended service intervals. Fueling duties are handled via fuel injection, controlled by a Bosch ECU.

The engine is housed in a steel semi-parameter frame that house three separate fuel tanks. A long, flat, comfortable seat sits atop the bike and will provide you with hours of comfortable riding. When it’s time to check the air filter, simply tug on the seat release cable and the seat pops off, revealing a huge foam air filter element that sits up high and is well protected from water and dust.
Fully adjustable 49mm YU-AN forks and a matching YU-AN reservoir monoshock suspend the 450 RALLY and give you 12” of suspension travel on the High Seat model.
High-intensity LEDs light up the night and make sure you can easily find where you’re going if your adventure stretches on past sunset.
The styling - Obviously this is subjective but my first impressions of the moulded curvaceous front aspect just reminded me of the friendly Numbe
r 5 robot from the loveable 1980's Short Circuit movie crossed with an exotic hand built one off factory work machine that graced the tracks back when accountants weren't in charge or no one was counting. The curves and lines are too complicated and involved to be entirely necessary . The designer clearly got a freehand and was passionate and its clearly not something we'd ever see coming from the block designers of Austria. Theirs don't change shape in a pixellated low res photo.

The diamond-shaped, dual-wing beam steel frame houses a seriously upgraded version of the ultra reliable and bullet proof Zongshen NC450 engine that powers the Fantic Carabello amongst others. However, Kove has fitted a double overhead cam head along with Bosch fuel injection and mapping taking the power to 51 bhp and impressive torque figures of 42nm at 7000 rpm. The power delivery from this liquid cooled 8 valve engine is velvety smooth on the bottom to aim traction but boy does this engine rev. The double cam and mapping has turned the engine from a thumper to what many have described as feeling like a twin. .

Dry weight is an ultra competitive 145kg. 2 forward and 1 rear petrol tank take the capacity to a stage completing and continent crunching 31 litres. It is possible to isolate one tank to use as water storage as per rally rules.

21 and 18" wheels provide great tyre choice. Tasko brakes all round which use Nissin pads.

​The 450 RALLY features three fuel tanks. Two front tanks sit on either side of the frame backbone, and a third tank sits at the rear of the motorcycle and doubles as the subframe. All three tanks add up to a combined capacity of 8 gallons, which provides you with a realistic range of 300+ miles!

The beauty of the Kove rally is that it is very adaptable and a bike that can do so many things well. Its suitable for Rally, wide enduro , TET ,commuting , short trips as well as longer World Adventures . 

Designed to be raced. It's a properly tuned, tried and tested motorcycle. It's designed as something that you can take and immediately use in the Dakar or other equivalent rallys. It's very unusual for such a high spec machine to be released. This is not designed for gentle trail riding, although it will no doubt do it very well. This is not a lookalike, it is the real deal. Designed to be raced. The engine and the whole bike have been in development for 3 years whilst tests have been ongoing. We've been waiting for this particular model for this amount of time,  but find the delay to be reassuring.

Kove UK will be stocking all parts here in the UK including service kits .Extra general maintenance parts can be supplied with your machine. Parts are reasonably priced.

The Kove is on a whole other level of expertise and exclusivity. It is the real deal. Something that's been tested for years in competition in the desert. Month after month the factory have released desert testing videos. It hasn't simply been tested around the block on tarmac and then rolled out of the truck to a photo shoot.

We already have several on order from serious explorers and rally competitors who appreciate the spec and attention to detail. Please let us know if you want to join them or if you have any further questions.

  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder, DOHC
  • Cooling: Liquid-Cooled with External Oil Cooler
  • Displacement: 449cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 94.5mm x 64mm
  • Fuel System: Bosch EFI
  • Transmission: 6-Speed
  • Clutch: Oil Bath, Multi-Disc, Cable-Actuated
  • Starter: Electric
  • Max Power: 51 horsepower @ 9500rpm
  • Max Torque: 29.5 ft-lbs @ 7000rpm
  • Max Speed: 105.6mph


  • Frame Type: Steel Perimeter
  • Front Suspension: YU-AN 49mm Upside Fork, Adjustable Compression & Rebound, 12” Travel
  • Rear Suspension: YU-AN Piggy-Back Shock, Adjustable Rebound, High-Speed & Low-Speed Compression, 12” Travel
  • Front Wheel: 90/90-21”
  • Rear Wheel: 140/80-18”
  • Front Brake: 280mm Disc, 2-Piston Caliper, selectable ABS
  • Rear Brake: 240mm Disc, Single-Piston Caliper, Selectable ABS
  • Steering Angle: 38.5 Degrees
  • Rake Angle: 28 Degrees
  • Fuel Capacity: 8 Gallons
  • Estimated Range: 300+ Miles


  • Length x Width x Height: 2190×805×1390mm
  • Wheelbase: 1490mm
  • Seat Height: 960mm
  • Ground Clearance: 310mm
  • Kerb Weight: 145kg