Multi Fit Bracket System

Multi Fit Bracket System

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The Multi-fit mounting bracket system adds a whole new level of versatility when it comes to finding somewhere to mount your oiler system- its compatible with the TUTORO Manual oiler (when used with a P-Clip) and with the TUTORO Auto Oiler.

The brackets, laser cut from high quality stainless steel, come complete with a full set of stainless steel "Nyloc" anti-slip nuts, stainless steel button head bolts and stainless steel star washers (3mm Allen Key and 8mm Spanner required for assembly). So whatever you do, your mounting bracket system will stay looking good, strong and corrosion free.

But its not only a great way to mount the oiler system its also kind to your bike frame, the foot bracket has an anti-scratch pad that prevents direct contact with your bikes frame. The foot is held tight to the frame by two super strong Nylon cable ties that ensure a robust but non intrusive frame fix.

The three components consist of the "Foot", the "Angle" and the "Dogleg" and can be assembled in a multitude of useful configurations which means that you can attach your oiler to virtually any frame type or position, the illustrations below demonstrate how an oiler could be attached to vertical, angled or horizontal frame members either above or below and still achieve a vertical reservoir position.

The components can be used either all together or just use one or two, the choice is yours