Installing the TUTORO Auto at the correct angle

Installing a TUTORO Auto at the correct angle...
The instructions are clear that you should set your Auto in an upright position when the bike is upright but what about when its on the side stand?
The industry standard for a side stand is 11° - 12°. This falls well within the design parameters of the TUTORO Auto - it will happily accommodate this angle without releasing oil when the bike is stationary. But two questions arise - firstly what is 12°? and what if your bike is modified?
The first is easy to address with a quick glance at the image below the second is slightly more involved.
Modifications such as extended rear shock absorbers or longer front forks will increase the ground clearance, this mean the bike will have to lean further over in order for the side stand to reach the ground. In turn this means the angle at which the bike rests will also increase. Its not uncommon for this to angle to be 30° or even 35°, this is well out of the acceptable lean angle of the oiler unit, fortunately is easy to address by simply counter leaning the oiler back the other way. In this way its always possible to install the oiler so that it remains oil tight and fully functional regardless of whether the bike is on its centre stand or side stand.