Which Kit for my Bike?

Our TUTORO Auto Kits have not been designed for any particular make or model of motorcycle. 

Watch our video on this here Which Kit for my Bike? - YouTube

The Patrol Kit contains the components for a standard installation but there may also be additional fixings you need for your specific motorcycle and other accessories which you would like for a more professional install.  These fixings and accessories can be added to your basket as separate items in addition to the Patrol Kit and allow for a bespoke installation.

The Trek Kit and the Adventure Kit have been put together for our customers convenience and contain the most frequently purchased additional fixings and accessories many require.  They offer savings over purchasing individual items but may contain parts you won’t need and therefore not be the most economical option for your requirements.

Our workshop manual outlines in great detail the three different ways which the TUTORO reservoir can be attached to your motorcycle.  It also shows you how to use and install the full range of TUTORO fixings and accessories so that you can decide which ones would be most suitable for your bike and the type of riding you do. We would advise you to read the workshop manual in its entirety and look at your bike carefully to consider your options before placing your order.

Download your free copy here

Our fixing and accessory product pages also contain additional information, photos and films which you may find helpful when considering your installation options. 


The spreadsheet below allows you to quickly identify all the components included in each kit to help you make the best choice for your budget.