TUTORO Anti-Clog Nozzle

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Often overlooked, the nozzle is perhaps the most important part of any chain oiler system - if the nozzle gets blocked then its game over!  

  • Here at TUTORO we are always designing and developing our product range. This time we have tackled and overcome one of the most common issues experienced by chain oiler users! We are proud to present - the worlds first Anti-clog Nozzle!     

  • The TUTORO Anti-clog nozzle is unique in that it clears its own path through the dirt and oil build up usually found on motorcycle sprockets (which ever way the sprocket is rotated!) This enables good oil flow at all times from its shielded oil port.       

  • The Anti-Clog Nozzle is now supplied as standard with all our kits and is fully backward compatible with all earlier kits.                                                            

  • Whilst all our products are built with durable, quality materials, the time may come when you may need to replace the feed nozzle.                                           

  • The nozzle is by its very nature, a consumable item, however if fitted correctly and securely very little wear will occur.

    Please note we cannot be held responsible for normal wear and tear or accidental damage to the nozzle.

  • Video on how to install the single feed nozzle using the TUTORO Shark Fin

  • Video on how to install the single feed nozzle using factory fitted Toe Guard

  • See here for Key Information on Nozzle Alignment

  • Consider using the Shark Fin Nozzle Anchor with this product