Who needs a chain oiler?

Does a Tutoro automatic chain oiler really save you time and money?...
Obviously I'd say yes but I'll qualify that - only if you actually use the bike.
There are thousands perhaps tens of thousands of Bike's sitting idle for the majority of the time in sheds and garages around the UK alone - for those looking to pick up a low mileage used bike this is great news. In fact the dealerships are full of 2,3 or even 5 year old bikes with a couple of thousand miles (if that) on the clock depreciating like mad but still as good as new.
So bearing this in mind many people can't see the point in fitting a chain oiler, they like the ritual of getting the bike out of the garage going out for an hour or so before returning home to give the bike a wash, tensioning the chain, cleaning the chain etc before putting it away again.
Don't get me wrong this is great - people have busy lives - We all have work, family and any number of other commitments that take priority on our time so the occasional "decompress" session on your Bike is a wonderful thing.
To be fair, for most of us, we wish we could ride more.
There are people who commute to work on their Bikes or who take week long vacations touring around