About Us

TUTORO Ltd is a small British company dedicated to producing precision devices for lubricating your motorcycle chain.

A Potted History..

The TUTORO Chain Oiler started life as an idea by Nick Ibbitson in 2007 - the result of which was the TUTORO Manual oiler. TUTORO is an acronym which means Top Up, Turn On, Ride Off.

The TUTORO Manual won the prestigious Ride Magazine BEST BUY award for Chain Oilers in May 2010 and again in 2011.

Inspired by the success of the Manual Oiler we started research into an automatic type oiler with a major difference .."Autonomous operation" with no reliance on or connection to the motorcycles electrical or vacuum induction systems (unlike all the other automatic oilers on the market).

The reason for taking this new direction is that motorcycles are not the simple "engine in a frame with a wheel at each end" machines that they used to (appear to) be.

Modern motorcycles are sophisticated vehicles that, like cars, have sophisticated engine management systems (ECU's) which control and monitor a whole host of subsidiary sensors and inputs - everything from the air induction temperature to the suspension settings.

Due to the incredibly intricate and wide ranging monitoring capabilities of the modern ECU's any unexpected change to the eco system its managing can be detected and flagged as a fault - potentially leading to a shutdown or degradation of performance in order to protect the machine.

After market devices that insinuate themselves into the closed eco-system of the modern motorcycle  therefore run the risk of disturbing or damaging these systems, causing ECU faults, parasitic battery drain and in some cases, voiding the manufacturers warranty simply by installing them.

  For these reasons in late 2011 the TUTORO Auto first saw the light of day.

Since then the Tutoro Auto has evolved to become the worlds most popular and effective autonomous motorcycle chain oiler.

The company has grown organically from very humble beginnings and  although the original garage workshop space has long since been replaced with a 2400sq. foot industrial unit in Lydney Gloucestershire, the same ethic of producing high quality hand made motorcycle oilers and making them available direct to our customers prevails.

Our oilers are popular all over the world and are regularly despatched to every continent (with the exception of Antarctica - although that maybe due to the lack off motorcycle Tea stops).

TUTORO Ltd has no corporate backers, no bank loans and no debts and is run and operated by the husband and wife team of Nick and Jude Ibbitson plus a guard Spaniel.

Do one thing, do it well...

We are TUTORO Ltd and we make TUTORO Chain Oilers. We are the inventors, patent holders, sole manufacturers and distributors.
 We're not trying to match the volume output of mass produced products from larger firms.
 Just high quality British made motorcycle Chain oilers.
 So each day we come in and make the best chain oilers we know how.
 Use the best quality materials. Precision engineer those materials into high tolerance components, then meticulously assemble them into beautiful, accurate devices for automatically lubricating motorcycle chains.
There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from making something well, of such superior quality that you know it is going to stand the test of time.
It makes the hard work and the obsessing over every detail worth all the effort. That’s our reward. That’s why we stick to just making Chain Oilers.
Of course because each and every TUTORO is painstakingly built from scratch our stock is very limited - we can only make 50 TUTORO Auto's week.
The only stock we keep is of raw materials so we don't have piles of oiler kits spare to sell at a discount.
We manufacture everyday and always prioritise our direct sale customers so whereas there is rarely any delay in despatching to you, our stockists usually have to wait a little longer.
 But at the end of the day, we are here to make the best Chain oilers we can and not the most Chain oilers we can.


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 alternatively you can email us info@tutorochainoiler.com or call us on 01594 841097