Earth Roamers

The intrepid adventures of Aad and Mike Schram, a Father and son team on their Round the World Odyssey!

We have been following Aad and Mike (and their TUTORO Auto equipped XT660 and Triumph Bonneville) for much of their trip, a trip which has tested both the men and their machines to their limits.

The equipment they use and even the Bike clothing they wear are getting the most extensive long term "real world" field test imaginable - the sort of testing that has some manufacturers running for the hills.

Yes the conditions are extreme, unusual and extended but it does sort the men from the boys! One notable example is the guys from Rukka - it really does prove that you get what you pay for, Rukka might be expensive but as Aad and Mike will tell you, its as good as it gets!

Here's a link to one article published by Aad and Mike, obviously its about the area we are involved in but from there you can get to all the rest of the blog postings!.

Earth Roamers