How does the TUTORO Auto Work?

In the past automatic chain oilers relied on being connected to your motorcycle's
 electrical power or to the vacuum/ induction side of the engine… this can be a
 challenge on today’s sophisticated ECU run engines.
No such worries with the TUTORO Auto however.
The TUTORO's ingenious patented system harnesses the motorcycle's rapid suspension movements as you ride.
An internal mechanism detects the suspension's directional changes and activates a
 high flow precision valve which allows oil to exit from the reservoir into a secondary
vibration damped chamber.
These activations can occur from just a few times a minute to hundreds a times
a minute, depending on the terrain being crossed.
However, irrespective of the number of activations the TUTORO outputs the same
slow steady rate of oil flow regardless of the roughness of the terrain!
How? its another clever bit of design - downstream of the secondary vibration
 damped chamber is a flow control valve which throttles down oil delivery to the
rate set by the flow control valve's position.
So, when the motorcycle is moving, a controlled, specific volume of oil is being
 dispensed to the chain but when you are stopped no oil is delivered.
What does all this add up to? -
put simply - Precise, automatic, autonomous chain lubrication with no worries
 about interference with your motorcycle's engine management systems.