Why fit a TUTORO Auto?

Here's Rod Kirkpatrick and his KTM1290 on the 2017 "Slaribartfast Rally" - Quick Video

I guess the first question might be

"Why fit a chain oiler at all?"

The benefits are many but, for most people, the primary one is...

- you fit a chain oiler so you don't have to oil the chain yourself!

Of course there are other great reasons like,

  1. Greatly extending the life of your chain and sprockets
  2. Less maintenance because the chain doesn't wear so fast
  3. Less cleaning because the oiler will keep the chain clean
  4. And of course... saving lots of money because you buy new chains (and sprockets) less often.

But are all chain oilers the same?


So what features would be great for an Automatic chain oiler?

  • It fits any motorcycle
  • The flow rate of oil to the chain is fully adjustable
  • It oils your chain as you ride.
  • The oiler automatically starts to oil your chain when you start riding and automatically stops oiling the chain when you stop riding, wherever you ride.
  • You don't have to dismantle your motorcycle to install the oiler
  • You don't need to do any wiring-in to the motorcycles electrics to install the oiler
  • You don't need to cut into the motorcycle's vacuum/induction system and attach any tubing.
  • You don't need to worry that installing the oiler will disturb the complex engine management system of a modern motorcycle.
  • You don't need to worry that fitting an oiler will void your motorcycle's warranty
  • Its fully autonomous and doesn't even need batteries

Sounds like a pretty tall order!

Well it is, but how about we add things like a proven track record for outstanding build quality, reliability and unrivalled customer service with documented accounts of long term, high mileage, real world usage from all over the world?

Oh and lets add the additional feature that in in the event that its damaged (if you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident) the TUTORO Auto is fully repairable due to its modular design.

Is this all just too much to ask?

It certainly used to be, but with the TUTORO Auto that's exactly what you get.



Unique in more ways than one



Made in England

Designed, manufactured and hand built by Bikers for Bikers everywhere.