TUTORO Auto Workshop Manual

A complete workshop manual covering the installation, use and maintenance of the TUTORO Auto automatic chain oiler.

Free PDF TUTORO Auto Workshop Manual

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All our TUTORO Auto kits now ship with the TUTORO Auto Workshop Manual! 

Now available as a downloadable PDF to keep on your smart phone, tablet or PC or even print out to keep as a hardcopy!

So why a downloadable version? well, I know many of you move your TUTORO Auto from one bike to the next but who keeps all the instructions right? and we all know how easy it is for essential details to get forgotten or overlooked without the instructions to hand, besides which each bike is different, which is why we love them of course!

But now you can easily keep those essential details to hand and benefit from bang up to date information on the best way to install your Auto, avoid mistakes and diagnose (and quickly rectify) any issues you might come across.

All that information, hints, tips and experience - right there in the palm of your hand!

The PDF version is FREE! so download it today and keep it handy, if you don't own a TUTORO but are thinking of buying one, go ahead and download a copy - the TUTORO Workshop Manual is rich with detailed explanations, full colour images and chain maintenance theory and practice.

Ride Safe out there!