Motorcycle Chain Oiler - PATROL Kit

Motorcycle Chain Oiler - PATROL Kit

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TUTORO Auto Patrol Kit 

Please choose the Kit with the most appropriate oil for your location from the menu above.

KIT UPGRADE! - As from 5th July 2023 the Patrol kit now comes with 500ml  of oil!

Video: Which kit for my Bike?

Please note: Plus25 Oil is only suitable for use in Tropical climates. Unless you live in a Hot climate you should select the Original Oil Kit - see "What Oil should I use"

The Patrol kit is intended for Motorcycles which already have a factory fitted Chain Fin/Toe Guard next to the sprocket.

The Chain Fin should be used as the anchor for the mounting of the nozzle against the rear sprocket as detailed in this video here.

If your motorcycle does not have a factory fitted chain fin/toe guard please consider adding the Tutoro Shark Fin nozzle anchor to your basket.

The Kit includes: 

  • The TUTORO Auto oiler unit
  • Multi Fit Bracket set
  • 1.5m Oil delivery hose
  • Single Feed Nozzle
  • Cable Tie Set
  • 500ml TUTORO Original Chain oil 
  • The TUTORO Auto Workshop Manual
  • Multi-use plastic washbag.
  • Oiler Priming magnet 

You can customise your installation by adding accessories from the Store Tab to suit your motorcycle.

 Not sure which kit to buy?

Our workshop manual is a comprehensive guide to the installation and use of the TUTORO Auto Oiler and its accessories.

It will help you decide where to fit it, how to fit it and which kit is suitable for your Motorcycle.

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