Stone Shield

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TUTORO Auto Stone Shield

Fitted in moments -  Protection for life 

An Aluminium slip-on cover that protects your acrylic reservoir from flying debris.  Simply remove the filler cap, slip the Stone Shield over the reservoir and slide down into place. 

The Stone Shield is laser cut from 1.2mm Aluminium and precision rolled to suit our TUTORO Auto range,

A combination of light weight and impact resistance provides peace of mind for the more adventurous rider, whose travels take them off the tarmac, or for the well informed road rider wishing to avoid costly repairs. 

A must have accessory that enhances any installation and provides great protection - in particular when an oiler unit is installed in a vulnerable location such as near the rear wheel. 

Please note, the Stone Shield is not designed or intended to function as a heat shield. The Stone Shield will not protect the reservoir from chemical attack from solvent cleaning products - if in doubt remove and rinse the both the Stone Shield and the outside of the Auto thoroughly with clean water.

NB: Design may change from photo illustrations.