"Why do I need an Auto Oiler?"

"Why do I need an Auto Oiler?" 

"why should I bother fitting an automatic chain oiler- I can do the same thing by squirting oil onto my chain each time I park up!"

Being a chain oiler manufacturer I get asked this question rather less than you would think but nevertheless its a valid one - after all on first inspection it would seem there is little difference between the two methods?

Lets look at the details....

Your chain benefits most from being kept oiled whilst its being used - IE actually moving.
If you are conscientious and do a good job of looking after your chain manually you will indeed benefit from extended life from the chain and sprockets.

However with the best will in the world you can't oil the chain when you are moving- in particular when its wet, your chain will dry out (yes water will "dry out" an oily chain), get covered in grit and salt etc. and begin to wear more rapidly.

The other consideration is how much cleaner an auto oiled chain is - this is simple physics...... road salt/grit held in a (relatively) low viscosity oil film will be thrown off as the chain rotates about the sprocket because the centrifugal forces acting upon it are greater than the adhesive force of the light oil. A constantly replenished oil film on the chain ensures that grit and other contaminants are constantly flung off.

This grit removal process is not necessarily true of spray-on waxy lubricants because of their higher viscosity.!

 An Auto oiler usually means 3-7 times longer chain life with minimal maintenance and increased convenience for the user with the added bonus of improving the efficiency of the chain drive so its a performance booster too!.

So in conclusion, a TUTORO Auto oiled chain will save you time, money and replacement parts and leave you safe in the knowledge that it will never interfere with your bikes electrical or fuel induction system, all this and a 3 year warranty - whats not to like!